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I just thought I would give you all a heads up of all the bull going on too for me. I ordered one of those Microtouch One shavers from the infomercial. Well I was called after my purchase by a very nice man, who was "confirming my order". Well he then went on some crazy rant which I ended up accepting, and then began my journey with TLG.

I tried cancelling on multiple occasions. Well, it seems like this company has 1000 different names and charges because for a good 4 months or more I've been randomly getting charged different amounts from different names all including TLG in the title.

The weird thing was until today the last charge was at the end of January. Thanks to the Target scams I was recently issued a new debit card with a completely new number. HOW THE *** DID THEY GET MY NEW DEBIT CARD NUMBER AND START CHARGING ME!?

I called to cancel AGAIN today, and they always have someone answer the phone whom you can barely understand. I said I wanted to cancel. Well this lady tried explained all the great features AGAIN and for this *** and then said "So I'm going to go ahead and keep your account active." To which I said "No I don't want any of this! I also never got that gift check I was promised, CANCEL MY MEMBERSHIP."

Sorry for the rant. I got a confirmation number from her, which I couldn't really make out because her English was terrible, so it's probably not even right. I'm probably gonna get charged again, and I'm pretty pissed still. Good luck everyone this is nothing short of a nightmare.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shoppers Advantage Account.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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