Dont sign up with Shoppers advantage or Great Fun, they mislead you and charge you for two different memberships without telling you.I signed up for Great Fun through a purchase at Spirit Airlines and next thing you know Im getting charged from Great Fun and Shoppers Advantage.

The two companies are affiliated and sign you up at the same time for the other one making you think it is only one monthly fee you are paying. Then you call them and they both point the finger at the other one as to who is at fault. Spirit Airlines should not allow them to promote anything through the purchase of their airfare.

Spirit Airlines you lost a customer to a company/s who are scamming your clients.

Monetary Loss: $48.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #1146404

Not only Spirit.Allegiant does too but instead of Great Fun they call it Travellers advantage and hidden behind is Shoppers advantage.

I cancelled the first one after three months and after almost a year the second one appeared! I just called them and told me the same about being two different things.

I just wonder how many "Advantages" are there to be scared of.Check you monthly statement to the minimum detail.


I will say that attention to detail helps.I called for the $50 rebate, signed up for Great Fun and then heard her rambling about something different.

I asked if it was a separate program and she said yes. I denied the Shopper's Advantage three times (sales tactic is to try to push things three times). If you want a "free" $50 check, you really need to make sure to pay attention to every detail. There's a reason they can offer the rebate.

Anyhow, long story short, canceled my Great Fun, never signed up for Shopper's Advantage, got my $50, and in two weeks, I'll be on my flight across the country for a grand total of $42 for my daughter and myself, round-trip, with taxes.

We know to bring empty bottles for water, print our tickets at home, and only pack a small backpack.:)


They absolutely do this. They read a disclosure to you but since they both cost the same amount and you're zoning out because they speak in a monotone manner, you think you're only signing up for one thing. As well, you don't pick up that Shopper's advantage is a second program, you think it's a descriptor for Great Fun.

They do all the legal things by asking you if you agree to pay the fee but don't get caught buying more than one thing.

New Kensington, Pennsylvania, United States #993198

You fools....I have been using Spirit Airlines from Latrobe, PA to Myrtle Beach, SC for the past 3 years.

I have had nothing but excellent experiences with them. For the guy who complained about all the fees; you clearly don't understand their "BareFare" experience. You purchase the bare minimum ticket and add your accessories, including your seat location, carry on (its free if it fits under the seat), and snacks (that you get for free if you pay the $25 extra to fly First Class.) Its not rocket science with these companies either. They are not scammers, they are simply other businesses who are also into making money (I mean what company wants to give free money away?) I signed up for the GreatFun company today and I know that if I cancel within the 30 day period, my $50 check is mine AND I don't have to pay the $16.95 per month fee.

ALSO, the disclosure that they ramble off is an approval for the Shoppers Advantage, which I had the opportunity to not approve.If people actually listened, there wouldn't be anything to *** about.

to Anonymous #1012520

I was going to say the same thing they made it very very clear that you needed to cancel within 30 days.


Never sign up for the "Great fun" although the $50 is appealing.Spirit should not work with those suck third party.

I called the "Great fun" guy, and he repeated the terms for me couple of time, and they were all very blurring. Then he asked me for my credit card info eagerly.

I did not gave him which made him super unhappy, and hanged my phone, yes, hanged without letting keep asking questions.Suck "great fun".

Miami, Florida, United States #944266

Then you guys arent paying attention to what they are saying. I have signed up 3 times and always cancel before the trial period is over and I still received the form to request my $50 check for the flights. All three times with no issue.

Before you conspiracy theorist I dont work for either company.


I agree, i will never book with Spirit Airlines again!


Wow, they offered me $50 rebate and while talking to her, I made her repeat the promotion offer again and again, she got annoyed by me.But the representatives are well trained robots they keep saying the same terms and conditions.

And that tipped me off, and after annoying her for few min I said i dont want it. If you have extra time call them...

and have fun...


Same thing happened to me.Shoppers advantage charges appeared on a credit card that my wife rarely uses.

Total charges were $186.89. Total scam -- I never got an email or bill showing that my wife was part of this "great, money saving club". Come to find out that if you book through Spiritair, the rebate you get comes with this membership..... Don't let them get away with this.

Shame on you Spirit Airlines!You just lost a customer!!!

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