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TLG shopper charged my account without ever sending out info about what they do, so I have looked all over the internet for a phone number.I got lucky, if anyone needs a number to call TLG Shoppers here it is 1-800-256-4848.

They will give you a confirmation number when you cancel with them keep it for just in case they still charge you.

I was told on the phone that they sent info but never did, they try to get me to stay with them for another 30 days with a promise of a $50 check to be sent to me.I told them no thank you, keep your money and just cancel my membership.

Monetary Loss: $19.


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I purchased a airline ticket from Alegiant Airline through there Web site and if I signed with shoppers advantage I would receive a $40 gift card and all the information I would need.Never received either,since July 2015 they have been taking $16.99 a month called today November 2015.I explained the situation to the young lady and she tried to sell me there product over and over I'm a patient person,but after 20 minutes I had enough and told just to cancel it.My advise to everyone using the Internet to purchase items,read the fine print you may be signing up for things you don't want


These people are total scammers.I had at least two debits, taken from, my checking account, totaling $43.00.

I called them and I asked for the information in regards to these automatic withdrawals and they told me it was authorized by myself secondary to a purchase made on the Home Shopping Network. I'll just say that this homey don't play the HSN. They canceled my account but told me that they couldn't credit my account nor issue a check. Somebody, who knows what they are doing, should cut and paste this page and forward to BBB and their States Attorny General.

Home Shopping Network, my ***.

Bob W.terbokids@outlook.com

Seattle, Washington, United States #925214

OMG.This scream scam!

My mom has been paying $19.97?

For something she has no idea what for.She would NEVER authorize this auto deduction cuz, well...she doesn't speak English!!


These a-holes are just a rip-off.I'm calling the Attorney General of Ohio tomorrow, 8-22-14.

Because they said that they would give my money back if I wanted to cancel.They did not!!!


I called 800-526-4848 and informed them that they were fraudulently extracting payments directly from my bank account.they apologized and said "I understand what you're feeling" a few times.

She said that she is going to take care of everything right now and send me all the information on the services that comes with the membership. This isn't at all the resolution that I needed. I stopped her right there and explained again that I expressly declined any offer that would result in me paying for something. After more convincing, they canceled the account so I wouldn't be charged again.

I told them I want all the money they took from me. At first she said that she can't refund the money because my account is now closed. Clearly I didn't stand for that, as she's the one who suggested that I close the account without informing me of any consequences. I heard a muffled male voice, then she said that she could give me 4 month's worth of a refund (there were 8 in total).

I told her that this isn't good enough. She then transferred me over to her supervisor who very quickly gave me a full refund which should come in the mail in 7 business days. I asked for her name and direct line so that I could call her if I don't see my money in 7 business days (and I will be calling).

She gave me a number and told me that any of the supervisors that answer will be able to help me.Mary Perez 877-346-8803.

Atoka, Tennessee, United States #853425

HEADS UP The correct number is 1-800-526-4848


Actual number to cancel ts 1 800 526 4848 all conversations same as above plz keep confirmation #

Mayfield, Kentucky, United States #849742

I had the same problem.I originally reserved a car rental, and they talked me into this "advantage card" to use on the trip.

We changed our mind about the car rental, and I called the number instructed for cancelling the card.

Cancellation obviously did NOT happen. First I called my bank and they were unsure what the company was, as the charge was still pending. My wife looked it up on line and found literally HUNDREDS of people complaining of the same problem we are having.

I called their direct line, 1-800-562-8888, and spoke to "Bill" and he SAID he cancelled it and gave me a cancellation number.

He told me my $16.99 would be refunded in 7 to 10 business days.

That was just moments ago.......we'll see.


That phone # is incorrect. The correct # is 1-800-526-4848


I believe someone has turned them in to the BBB.

My membership was cancelled BEFORE any transfer of funds.

They tried to hit my bank account twice in 5 days.

They cancelled both transactions.

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