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OMG The complaints are innumerable against these scammers and crooks and apparently for YEARS this has been going on as I find AFTER I myself was scammed into "trying out" an "offer via Wyndham Rewards.Recently this past November (2010) during a hotel stay at Super 8 using my Wyndham Rewards card, I called customer service of an issue regarding another matter when after that resolve was asked if I would be interested in a "trial offer" from their affiliates After brief consideration, I opted for the $1.00 30-day trial NOT a "membership" as they deceptively put me on during the call.

Was told that this "trial" wouldn't start UNTIL I got the materials in the mail within 3 weeks but I caught them in a LIE as I looked at the "policy" of the "Welcome To Great Fun" paper with a member card attached !!! where I only had 2 WEEKS to CANCEL if need be. If I HAD waited up to the 30 days AFTER I received this so-called discount package, that would've put me well over the cancellation time for them to only charge me and I wouldn't have no case BUT NO...the thing was that the so-called "trial" STARTED while I was on the phone with Wyndham which they made a "membership" WITHOUT MY PERMISSION !! After some pondering, I called to CANCEL everything a couple of days later and even still was being sold the "the program" and was treated as if I wasn't in my right mind to want to cancel so early.

I firmly requested cancellation along with a conf.# and name all under " Great Fun" mind you. A month later after that, I check my charge account to find that a "TLG Shopper" with phone # charged me $16.99 that the Great Fun rep.

told me over the phone IF I DIDN'T CANCEL but I DID and I'm like, "who the *** is TLG SHOPPER what the *** is this charge?!?" But as a careless oversight on my part, I doubled back into my charge account and surely there was "TLG Shopper" NEXT TO "Great Fun" who debited $1.00 ALSO who they gave my info to WITHOUT MY PERMISSION !!!Of course, I DEMANDED a REFUND of which I'm awaiting right now...the nerve...this is TOTALLY OUTRAGEOUS...there should be a class action suit against this "corporation" and others like them !!

I consider myself to be pretty good at handling my affairs being a conscientious consumer...but now, I'm EXTRA vigilante to recheck EVERYTHING...thanks for reading...BEWARE and AWARE !!

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Be very leery of TLG Shoppers, TLG Great Fun, Value Mart and whatever else name they decide to call themselves.They are strictly in the business of scamming American citizens.

They offer you these great deals and discount packages you never receive all starting for 1 dollar a month then going to a charge of any wheres from 14.99 to 69.99 a month.

They will not discontinue after 30 days.They don't fear being taken to court or your threats of the BBB because they are based out of Mexico!

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