Thanks, POLKEY22, for the phone number to cancel this ridiculous company!!!! However, phone number 1-800-256-4848 is INCORRECT. I called this number and it's another company who gladly gave me the correct one.


BEWARE: They will try to offer you several more "wonderful and amazing" packages, so be prepared to say "Thanks, but no, I'll pass. I want to CANCEL my membership!!"

L in Cary, NC

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Product or Service Mentioned: Shoppers Advantage Membership.

Monetary Loss: $21.

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I signed up for $1. The same day I canceled.

My bank statement shows the withdraw of $1 and the rembursement of $1. But then the next month and afterwards I have had $16.99 per month taken out.

I now must fight to get my money back. Another scam!

Cincinnati, Ohio, United States #1258908

Thank you for your assistance. These companies took advantage of my sister, a senior citizen, and it's a crime! They got her for $16.99/month on two different accounts.


Yeah *** that shite. I got signed up for this *** a few months ago when I signed on to a hotel discount program for a dollar, and did not cancel this, and noticed I had a $16.99 charge for the past three months on my account.

Thank you for posting this number to call by the way. I really appreciate it.

When you call them to cancel Your membership, they try to offer you a rebate on gas or something and he said "OK?" and I said I don't know what I'm agreeing to, but I want to be *canceled and want nothing more to do with your company". Period.


Just called and canceled both TLG Shoppers and Great Fun. Appreciate the information posted on this site. Thanks!

Leland, North Carolina, United States #960751

I have been charged over $100 until finally realizing that i did not actually cancel through the right thing. They wont give me my money back!! what can i do?

Enid, Oklahoma, United States #959477

Thanks for the head up on cancelling my membership!!

Sparta, Georgia, United States #907296

This company charged me 21.95 for something I never agreed to. When I called and demanded my money back they said it would be returned.

Then as soon as I got off the phone my online banking showed another charge for 19.99 from the same company, i went through the same thing to get my money back. I asked if there was any more that i needed to cancel and was told there was no way of knowing they had over 5000 different ones. OMG!!! Are you kidding me.....

all this because I ordered a trial of hydroxytone. NEVER AGAIN.......................

to MADD Enid, Oklahoma, United States #959480

Well, that really sucks!

If I do have trouble cancelling my membership, I'll tell them that they will be hearing from my ATTORNEY!!!!

Illinois, United States #881990

Call the number. Demand a 3 month Refund as to that you haven't received any of there services in the mail.

They will try and say that they cannot because of the contract.

That is bull. Tell them that they're contract also says that they must give those services if you are a member and they haven't.


I got charged for 16.99$ every month even though I believe I have ceased the membership. this company is ripped off


I have a phone # given to me by my bank when I gave them a call to see what this company was charging me $1.00. For several times .

The #they gave me was 1-800-290-8603 .

If anyone has trouble with the other #s try this one the bank gave me. I think I cancelled it but I couldn't understand what the *** the person was saying.


The phone I have on my account is 800-526-4848.


1(800)562-8888 is # to call for cancellation.

I'll never fall for trial memberships again. I called for cancellation during trial period but was still charged for membership.


My credit card was charged 9 month and I was *** to just noticed it, apparently it was a $20 rebate package subscription but I never received any of their service and product, not even an email flyer for coupons. Called to dispute but was notified I won't get any of my $152.99 back. Someone go sue this company please, such a waste of customer's money and how I wished those money went to donations to people who are really in needs.


Thank you so much! I'm so annoyed that this happened and so glad I found this!


Thank you for the information! I was going crazy trying to figure out how to cancel the membership.

Never received membership documents or AmExp gift card!!! SCAM

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #599292

BEWARE! A real rip-off!!!!

This company *** me off. I was charged so much money for NOTHING, and while reviewing my credit card bills I could not figure out why I was charged so much!

:( Douchebags!

So glad I called and that's over with. Pissed me off so bad!

I want my money back!


They ripped me off for$16 and caused a bank overdraft for $35.00 I want them to reimburse me for the full amt.

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